This immersive, scenographic installation is a composite of an S-shaped infinity mirror corridor and cascades of video screens. The visualization draws inspirational concepts from hypothetical cosmological forms "Dark Matter" and the traversable wormhole that account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe.
Each video sequence features a slow continuum of ever-evoking, abstract animation, a rendition of planetary-scale objects in space-time expansion under the influence of gravitational pull, and their cosmic-scale trajectories kept within these mysterious, invisible, and imperceptible dark materials. Likewise, the fluid and organic animations also resemble primitive lifeforms on a micro-scale, of the tantalizing prospects that life could exist beyond our planet earth.
Accompanied by the soundscape of Ryoji Ikeda, the mirrored corridor unleashes all-encompassing video sequences in distortions, reflections, and refractions in all directions. The result is a borderless parallel universe that expands and heightens the visual experience. The mirror reflections also created a participatory experience by casting the visitor as part of the work.

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