George Fok (born in Hong Kong) is a new media artist whose practise primarily involves filmmaking, digital art, and photography. Based in Montreal, his oeuvre explores the hybrid of immersive media, filmmaking, performance, and other digital-born narratives, with intentions of re-enchanting the mundaneness of modernity. Beginning his journey as a graphic designer in the visual communications industry, over the last three decades, George had founded and partnership in a multidisciplinary creative agency and other collectives, he also worked in features and documentary films and served as creative director in a bleeding-edge cultural institution in Montreal, the Phi Centre, where he acquired access to the milieu of contemporary art as an outsider, through content creation, communication campaigns and commissioned works, which led to his full-time endeavour in new media, digital art, and large-scale immersive experience creation.

George’s work has been exhibited and showcased in museums, immersive shows as well as Hollywood films. He has created biographical concert installations for ionic artists such as Leonard Cohen and Yoko Ono. His work has been exhibited in global art institutions such as Musée d'art Contemporain de Montréal, GL Strand & Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen, The Jewish Museum of New York, and The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

In continuing to combine his research and passion for diversity and inclusion in the creative fields, George frequently collaborates with emerging talents from other practices such as choreographers, fashion designers, and performers. As a people-loving person, he often volunteers and participates in organizing community outreaches, youth mentorship projects, and other accelerator initiatives.

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