George Fok  (born in Hong Kong) is a contemporary artist and creative director based in Montreal. His diverse art practice encompasses installation, digital art, and filmmaking, exploring visual memory, speculative and reconstructed narratives, and digital-born aesthetics. As a creative director, Fok emphasizes the transformative power of art in shaping cultures, fostering social innovation, and supporting community interests.
Fok's artistic journey began as a graphic designer, and he co-founded a multidisciplinary creative agency and other collectives over the last three decades. He has worked in features and documentary films and was the creative director of a pioneering cultural institution in Montreal. His involvement in content creation, communication campaigns, and commissioned works in the contemporary art world led to his transition into new media art and immersive experiences.
Fok's artwork has achieved international recognition with museum exhibitions, immersive shows, and even Hollywood films. Notably, he has created biographical concert installations for iconic artists like Leonard Cohen and Yoko Ono. His work has been displayed in prestigious Canadian and global art institutions, including the Musée d'art Contemporain de Montréal, Art Gallery of Ontario, GL Strand & Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen, The Jewish Museum of New York, and The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.
In addition to his artistic practice, Fok is known for his collaborations with cultural entrepreneurs and emerging talents from various fields, such as choreographers, fashion designers, curators, and educators. He is also actively involved in community outreach, youth mentorship programs, and accelerator initiatives, reflecting his commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the creative world.
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