A participatory and multi-disciplinary installation questioning the phenomena of our time: The unresolvable entanglement of planetary hyperconnectivity, digital capitalism, and environmental degradation generated by human activities. A satirical take on our digital “new normal” with a seriously playful approach, inviting the public to play, participate and ponder more profound questions amid the pressing issues of environmental crises.
Span over multiple venues of Phi Centre, “SIMULATION / ACCELERATION” is a site-specific, transdisciplinary, and participatory art installation that involves digital art, video game, choreography, fashion performance, and DJ sets, taking visitors on a multi-sensory journey. The venues will transform into an immersive, green-on-green, chroma studio environment.
Pre-installed with a selection of chroma props, group dancers and performers in a green suite will activate visitors throughout the evening, creating a collective performance that blurs the boundary between spectators and performers, the “watch” and “being watched.”

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