In Flux is a series of poetry films by Montreal-based Black creators who aim to define, redefine, and interpret Black creativity in their own ways. Briefed to work within the vertical format of 16:9, the creators embraced this narrow aspect ratio to display wide-ranging expressions of Black creativity—a constant force of reinvention and renewal, encompassing a spectrum of backgrounds, disciplines, stories, and experiences. PHI piloted the In Flux platform, which offered support, knowledge-sharing, and space to young content creators and filmmakers—to tell their own stories, continue to break down boundaries and challenge institutional frameworks. During the process, they were guided by established practitioners in their respective fields. The mentors included Eva Kabuya, Roen Higgins, Rito Joseph, Miryam Charles, Vladimir Delva, George Fok, Miro LaFlaga, and Ash Phillips. Strategy and Creative Consultants Six Cinquième Special acknowledgements nènè myriam konaté & Lucas LaRochelle
Montreal-born artist Mallory Lowe Mpoka was commissioned to produce a portrait of the In Flux creators, presented alongside a selection of original works. In The Self-Portraits Project, Lowe evokes her sub-Saharan African ancestry and subverts the theatrical style of studio portraiture practiced by legendary African photographers such as Seydou Keïta, Samuel Fosso, and others. In the series I Am a Story, Lowe explores the multitudes of the self and the fluidity of Blackness.
Original Concept by Marie-France Barbier & George Fok. 
In collaboration with Rito Joseph, Roen Higgins, Ash Phillips and Miro LaFlaga

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